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Heater Maintenance In Glendale, AZ

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Proper heater maintenance is necessary to keep your home nice and toasty during those frigid cold months. But many Glendale homeowners neglect the maintenance of their system during the summer months, expecting that their heater will work when they need it to. Unfortunately, they discovered that when they need their heater, it may have issues due to a lack of maintenance and the fact that it hasn’t been run for nearly a year. 

The team at AirZona can help you avoid unexpected problems with your heater in the winter with our affordable maintenance services. We can clean your system, make repairs, and ensure that it’s going to run well through winter for you and your family. Give us a call now to schedule your fast, affordable heater maintenance appointment today.

What Can I Expect From a Heater Maintenance Service?

On top of the basic cleaning and air filter replacement, There’s also diligent performance tuning that only trained professionals can do. The voltage and amperage are thoroughly checked and adjusted to ensure proper operation. In addition, we will secure the connections between electrical components while testing the functionality of thermostats and other essential controls. 

Lubricating parts with oil is another vital step during this process. The slick substance will allow proper operation without losing energy to friction. We will also inspect your system for dangerous gas line tears, check your burners and heating elements, and much more. 

With proper professional maintenance, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by not having to make expensive repairs after the fact.

Benefits Of Heater Maintenance

Numerous benefits can come from regular heater maintenance, including:

  • Fewer repair expenses
  • Warranty preservation
  • Mitigated risk of malfunction
  • Increased machine lifespan

Expenses: If your furnace is burning at an efficient rate, your monthly bills won’t rise. The reasoning for this is the less energy your furnace has to put into distributing heat, the less you pay. Naturally, if there is any dust or dirt inside the system, it will slow down the process.

Warranty: Anybody who sells a furnace would be a fool not to include regular maintenance on the warranty requirement. Without proper checkups, a furnace will break down faster, prompting people to invoke their warranty clause. 

Fewer Malfunctions: Without dirt to clog the systems or muddy the mechanisms, your furnace will break down much less. That will save you and your family money and discomfort in the long run. Fewer breakdowns mean fewer days in the cold and fewer repair bills.

Heater Longevity: If those heater breakdowns start to pile up, the longevity of your heater will decrease sharply. For reference, a well-maintained heater can last for more than ten years. Compare yearly small maintenance fees to the staggering $3,500-$7,500 it costs to replace a furnace, and you’ll see the savings.

How Often Should I Get A Heater Tune-Up Service?

Most professionals will recommend you service your heater annually. Yearly check-ups make it very unlikely that it will break down or malfunction. However, more maintenance may be necessary if your children or spouse are sensitive to allergens.

Depending on their sensitivity level, you may need to tune up your furnace 2 to 3 times a year. That ensures your home maintains the best air quality possible for their sensitive systems.

As for when you should tune up your furnace, it’s best to do it before the cold season hits. At that time, you will want to ensure all your mechanisms are working correctly and have not broken down from wear and tear. 

Of course, colder regions require more maintenance because their furnaces are more active. While the temperatures may be scorching during the hot months in Arizona, Some parts can reach the 40s, which can be chilly if you’re not used to it.

Schedule Your Heater Maintenance Today!

Protect yourself and your loved ones by maintaining a warm environment through the cold winter months. The worst time to schedule maintenance is when it’s too late. By that time, you’re going to find yourself spending far more money on repairs than you otherwise would if you routinely maintain your system. For fast, affordable maintenance or other heating services, call us now: (623) 295-1911

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