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ac coil cleaning glendale az

When dirt, debris, and other material accumulates in your air conditioner’s condenser coils, it can impact the comfort in your home. The condenser is the part of your HVAC that takes air from the outside and cools it so it can be distributed inside your house. Most condenser problems are easy to diagnose and fix, but if you suspect one is causing issues, the best thing to do is call AirZona of Glendale, AZ!

AirZona will help with any issue involving your air conditioning coils. These coils can cause heat transfer loss, which can mean cooling loss, expensive repairs, refrigerant loss, and higher energy bills. 

An AC coil cleaning can help you avoid future problems and expensive repair bills. Call us any time!

Different Types of AC Coils

There are three different types of air conditioning coils. 

An indoor AC coil removes the heat from the indoor air so the fan can blow cool air into the home. 

An outdoor AC coil surrounds your air conditioning unit and works with the compressor to convert refrigerant into a liquid. From there, the coil helps to dissipate heat to the outside of the unit. 

Finally, a furnace and evaporator coil performs largely the same functions as an indoor or outdoor coil – just in a furnace. 

AirZona is in the business of repairing and cleaning all types of AC coils.

All About Condenser Coil Cleaning

Why do you need to have condenser coils cleaned? It is simple. Condenser coil cleaning from AirZona will minimize stress on your air conditioning system, optimize temperature regulation, and minimize cooling costs. 

Our process involves inspecting the contamination level of your condenser coils and establishing a specific air duct cleaning plan built for your home.

From there, our state-of-the-art equipment will deliver the appropriate amount of water at a low pressure on your coils to clean them thoroughly. 

Following the cleaning, you will immediately see the difference. We will take a series of before and after photos that will show you what the cleaning accomplished!When we are done, we will schedule planned maintenance to keep your system running at peak performance!

Helpful Tips for AC Coil Cleaning

If you want to help AirZona deliver the best type of service, there are a few things you can do before we come out. 

Before maintenance, check the specifications of your AC unit and remove the surface-level dirt and debris on your coils and filters. Make sure you are using proper cleaning methods to avoid damaging the unit. 

Overall, scheduling annual maintenance on your AC unit will prevent pricey repairs later. If you prefer a little help, call one of our certified AC technicians when necessary.

Need Condenser Coil Cleaning? Contact AirZona Now!

If you are new to AC coil cleaning or have questions about the process, AirZona can help you immediately! 

Our team of expert AC technicians with 20+ years of experience will lead the way. With all the necessary tools to repair or replace anything on your unit, we can make your comfort level our priority! 

Call us today, and we will set you up with a free and honest quote!

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