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Here’s How Much Your Old AC Unit’s Costing You

As air conditioning units age, they become less efficient and more expensive. They need more repairs. Old AC units use more energy to deliver a comfortable humidity level and temperature in your home. The technicians at AirZona can help you understand how much your old AC unit’s costing you so you can decide whether to keep it or replace it with a more efficient one. 

Why Consider Upgrading Your Air Conditioner?

Upgrading your air conditioning unit can be worth the expense. After air conditioning units age, they lose their efficiency and require continual repairs. Rather than suffering through heat and humidity in your home, consider upgrading your AC unit. 

High Energy Bills

Utility bills are not shrinking, as the cost of electricity and gas continue to rise. If your air conditioning unit is old, it might use more energy than a new one, thus causing your bills to increase. While replacement costs will not be cheap, you will benefit from the return on your investment as you recoup the costs from lower energy bills. 

Expensive Repairs

Older air conditioning units often need routine repairs. Many homeowners have AC checkups every summer or fall, but you’ll know it’s time to upgrade your AC if you need several repairs each year. While we appreciate the business, we know that constant repairs to any HVAC system can become expensive. 

When your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly, your home won’t be comfortable. The excessive heat in the summer can be stiflingly hot and dangerous for people with medical conditions. 

Rather than suffering in a hot home, the technicians at AirZona can install a new AC unit and help you maintain an ideal temperature all season long. Remember, new AC systems come with warranties, so if you have any problems most repairs are covered. 

Low Indoor Air Quality

Excessive heat can be dangerous, especially for infants, the elderly, and people with health conditions. An efficient air conditioning unit can improve the air quality in your home. The filter removes pollen and dust from your home, while the humidity level makes your home a comfortable place to live and breathe. 

People with respiratory problems benefit from properly functioning air conditioning units, especially if they can close the windows and avoid the heat and dryness in Arizona summers. If you notice that your health is suffering because of the weather, consider upgrading your air conditioning unit. 

AC Replacement or Repair?

Before you replace your air conditioning unit, we highly recommend having it inspected to find problems that could be repaired. Fixing an air conditioning unit will help you save money, especially when compared to buying a new system. But, there comes a point when the old system is no longer worth repairing. 

Most air conditioning units have life spans between ten and twenty years. With annual checkups and necessary maintenance, your AC unit will live longer. New units can cost between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on the system and the installation necessities. Systems can be financed with affordable monthly payments. 

The cost of installing a new system includes ductwork and insulation. Before you invest in a new AC unit, consider upgrading your insulation and cleaning your vents and ducts. The three systems work together to make your home comfortable and keep your energy bills low. 

Can You Really Save With a New Unit?

Prices of all home appliances continue to rise. If you are considering a new air conditioning system, now is the best time. The prices will not go down, so the prices are the lowest they will ever be. If you have questions about the savings you’ll receive after installing a new AC unit, contact our friendly customer service experts for help. 

Remember that old AC units require more energy to run. After installing a new AC, your energy bills will drop. You will also save money on repair bills. The latest AC units have advanced filtration systems, so your home life will improve because you will breathe clean, healthy air – also lowering your health care costs. 

Upgrading Your Old AC? We Got You!

The team at AirZona can help you decide when your air conditioning system is due for a replacement. Our technicians know when they can no longer repair your HVAC system. 

Call us today to learn more about our new air conditioning units and installation services. We can also share details about our no-credit-check financing and how much you can save on your energy bills. Consider how much your old AC unit’s costing you and make the smartest decision.

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